Born on a farm near Riceville, Iowa, he became known for a bright palette and impressionist style and paintings of the West.  He moved to Northern California in 1893 and settled in Campbell, remaining there the rest of his life except during 1920 to 1925 when he lived in Pacific Grove. He was a graduate of San Jose State College and after a short school teaching career, decided to become a full-time painter.


In 1927 Cutting built a studio and home at 125 Harrison Avenue. A prolific painter and impressionist, he used a bright palette to create landscapes of Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Pacific Grove, Columbia River, Crater Lake, the Redwood Highway, Death Valley, and the Santa Cruz mountains.


Exhibited:  San Jose State College, 1897; Sacramento, 1923; Oakland Art Gallery (Museum) 1932, 1934; Santa Cruz Art League, 1934, 1937; Gumpís; California Palace of Legion of Honor, 1930; Stanford Art Gallery, 1925, 1928, 1933, 1939; California State Fairs.