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LOIS JOHNSON • Ben Lomond, California


Lois Johnson spent her childhood in the misty rolling hills of the Santa Cruz mountains. There she was surrounded by lush green farmland to the east and the majestic pacific coast on the west. The eyes and mind of this child joyously absorbed the beauty and thus began the arduous journey of becoming an artist/painter.

As a young adult she moved to the Southwest U. S. where, for the next twenty-seven years, she lived, studied and worked as an artist. The newness of Northern Arizona with its native people inspired her to devote all her time and energy learning to know and paint the Hopi and Navajo people and their lovely children. Her work was recognized from the 1960’s through the 1980’s by collectors of southwest art. Lois is included in Contemporary Western Artists, Who’s Who in the West and Who’s Who in America.

She studied with many highly respected artists including; Donald Puttman, Wilson Hurley, Bettina Steinke, Charles Movalli, John Sanden, George Carlson, Richard Goetz and Gregg Kreutz of Art Students League, N. Y., and above all Clair Fry and Ben Stahl, who were considered masters of the generation of Norman Rockwell, N.C Wyeth and Maxfield Parrish.

In 1987 the sea, rolling hills and verdant truck farms called her to return to California to record her as yet unpainted childhood memories—not as she remembered them, but as if through the eyes of her most esteemed mentors — Cezanne, Sisley, Monet and Bonnard. She traveled along the coast in her small RV in the late 1980’s and 1990’s painting "en plein aire". In 1995, at a workshop with Charles Movalli, she "found" her soul mate painting (inconspicuously but in a white heat of ferocious concentration) behind a barn apart from the rest of the class. Ron Grauer. It was his masterful influence that solidified her approach to the California landscape.

Today, she shares a studio with husband, Ron Grauer in the Santa Cruz mountains where they continue to paint "their California". Lois and Ron bring impressive careers to their active painting schedules and are considered premier artists in their field. c


  •  Collection of E.M. Estes, President of General Motors

  •  Arden Firestone, Firestone Tire

  •  L.R. Peterson, Johnson's Wax

  •  Valley National Bank

  •  Vertex Management, Inc.

  •  Davis Factor, Max Factor

  •  Wickenburg Art Museum

  •  U.S. Department of Justice


  •  Exhibited in major U.S. galleries for thirty-five years

  •  Congressional reception, Washington D.C., SILVER AWARD from the National Gallery of Art 

  •  Painting presented for display at Ellis Island

  •  Georgetown University Gallery

  •  Port History Museum

  •  Atlanta-Fulton County Library

  •  Trans America Tower of San Francisco

  •  Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

  •  Dallas City Hall

  •  John F. Kennedy Museum and Library

  •  Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

  •  State University of New York

  •  Gallery Ocean Avenue, Carmel, CA - Solo exhibition, 2002

  •  CaliforniaView Fine Arts®, Los Gatos, CA - "Their California" exhibition, 2003

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