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RON GRAUER • Ben Lomond, California


Artist's Statement: "The act of painting, in my opinion, is an expression of the artist's attitude toward life, the world and himself. Probably my early life experience in business coupled with my love of aviation instilled in me a great respect for the freewheeling creativity that seemed to appear miraculously once a degree of competence was achieved in either field. I came to realize that the laborious effort in learning the basics really does pay off in the end. The first profitable business venture, the first really good slow roll. Ah.. life can be wonderful!

In order to put something down on paper or canvas exactly the way it was intended, the artist discovers the need to learn to draw-and to learn to see (to really see what's in front of you, not what you believe you see). The two are totally different achievements that require tremendous effort for most of us. Without that laborious effort to learn the basics, whatever the artist puts down is either good luck or bad. In business, flying or art bad luck is not acceptable.

So, once a degree of competence is carved out-then the act of creating is conceivable. And then if there is sufficient loving care put into the work to make it sincere, that emotion becomes as important as the skill. It seems I have carved out a narrow niche to sit in, but you know, I love that spot because nothing thrills me so, to occasionally get a little burst of that freewheeling feeling I remember as a youngster."

Mr. Grauer is listed in "Who's Who in the West", 2000/2001 Edition.

Today, he shares a studio with wife, Lois Johnson in the Santa Cruz mountains where they continue to paint "their California". Ron and Lois bring impressive careers to their active painting schedules and are considered premier artists in their field.

Biography credit: Carmel Art Association, Carmel, California. Ron is a current member of this nationally recognized and prestigious association. c

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